Anathem by Neal Stephenson

Finally finished this—I have thoughts.

Three quarters of it felt like homework. I’m off the usual order of reading Stephenson. My first was Fall; or, Dodge in Hell and it too was mostly uphill—it was certainly ambitious and I maintain to this day that a whole series could take place in Ameristan.

But I digress.

Anathem was mostly homework in that the majority of it is, effectively either a lecture or a series of scholars discussing how to solve a problem. Once you get to the plot, it’s interesting, but I suppose this should have been expected when one of the most interesting characters is a Thousander—a scholar literally spending hundreds of years thinking about things.

For a palate cleanser, Gideon the Ninth has been recommended to me for years.

Indiana Jones

We’re seeing Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny today. I was hoping to make it through the first three before this, I’ll come up short.

Raiders is still the pinnacle, Temple of Doom is good, but really, how many times does Cate Capshaw say, Oh my god” in Temple?

Last Crusade carries a truckload of sentiment for me. Well the whole series does, but Last Crusade lands squarely in the Ford, Connery, and movies with my dad” Venn diagram.

I’m Looking forward to Dial of Destiny. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is always entertaining. I have hopes that Indy goes out on a high note and we get a palate cleanser.


Apple TV keeps producing top-notch series. We knocked out the first season of Silo in real time. I mean, what’s not to like with a fantastic cast (Rebecca Ferguson continues to impress) being led by Graham Yost (what a career that guy’s had: Justified, The Americans, Slow Horses, and it goes on) with a generous budget to build a world.

Highly recommend.

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