What do these things have in common? A random sample from the day: Photoshop, Marshawn Lynch, a video game that’s not out for a year, a major website redesign, and stroopwafels. Oct 12, 2022 The Verge & stroopwafels & soundtracks & Starfield & Photoshop & COVID & Taboo
What do these things have in common? Oct 12, 2022 The Verge & stroopwafels & soundtracks & Starfield & Photoshop & COVID & Taboo A random sample from the day: Photoshop, Marshawn Lynch, a video game that’s not out for a year, a major website redesign, and stroopwafels. 2022-10-11: Proof of Life Oct 11, 2022 Proof of Life & Disney & CAH & Clam-O-Maise A quick recap of things to spend money on and the fact that I was at Disney World last week. 2022-09-30 11:00: Proof of Life Sep 30, 2022 work & HALO 22 & coffee & Pixies As of this writing, the inboxes are sitting at 303. I won't have time to do much with that situation until I get through "other things." This is the best bad idea we have. Sep 19, 2022 media diet & argo & ben afflect & 80s How is this movie a decade old? Who cares, it’s great. You should watch it before it leaves Netflix this month. Today’s Earworm(s): 2022-07-12 Edition Jul 12, 2022 Music & Listening To It’s Always Blue: Songs from Legion is today’s 11-Pack of Earworms. Denial is not just a river in Egypt Jul 5, 2022 Trump & Media Diet & Dropbox & GOTV & Fringe & True Romance & Biltmore A poorly titled “Proof of Life” post covering the erosion of Democracy, Dropbox dropping the ball, and 2022-06-23 Jun 23, 2022 Democracy & Toys & Computers & AI & Public Domain Analog computers, AI, the fate of Democracy, and a treasure trove of Japanese toys. Or, what we call “Thursday.” 2022-06-22 Jun 22, 2022 House Elves & Cal Newport & Warren Ellis & gardeners & architects It’s been a month since I’ve posted a sticker at a gas station. This post has words that describe workflows, Land Rovers, and deciding between architects and farmers. Burn'em May 14, 2022 Stickers 2022-04-27: Proof of Life Apr 27, 2022 crypto & Cawthorn & MTG. slo-mo I might be posting this to make sure—after a declaration of “I’m going to blog more”—that I get at least one post up within a week. 2022-04-20: Getting back to it. Apr 20, 2022 wrigthsville & data viz & bronco Back after a quick break with tales from the coast, rambling about Ford Broncos, sunsets, and the immense wealth of Jeff Bezos’. 2022-04-06: Proof of Life Apr 6, 2022 Raleigh & Run & Music Thoughts from a Saturday Apr 5, 2022 Facebook & DJT & Albini & douchebaggery A collection of things that crossed my mind this past Saturday. A letter from Steve Albini, speculation about a Masterclass in douchebaggery, and Facebook is still the worst. Farewell Weather Line Mar 31, 2022 apps I can’t believe I downloaded Weather Line about ten years ago. While I might have dabbled with other weather apps over the decade, this one was always on my home screen. 2022-03-05 Mar 5, 2022 Raleigh & photowalk & union-station & walking Dragged one of the Fujis along with me as we walked downtown so Laura could catch her train Saturday morning. Getaway to the Coast Mar 1, 2022 travel & Wilmington & water & dining Sometimes, you need to pack up and hit the road. Get out of town, get out of your own head. A Run and a Walk Feb 17, 2022 Raleigh & Walking A run in the morning (with a quick photo) and a walk back downtown for errands that almost lost me an old companion. It almost felt like getting back to normal. A Nice Walk Feb 1, 2022 Raleigh & photowalk Deciding to walk downtown for an errand turns into a nice photowalk. What’s the saying? The best camera is the one you have with you or something like that. MunjoMunjo Feb 1, 2022 Stickers And People Thought iTunes Got Bloated Jan 10, 2022 crypto & bad look & Norton Is it just me, or does it seem a little off that a virus-protection product is pushing you to do cryptocurrency mining?
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