Things I Read: 2024-05-02 It’s a been while, but let’s see if I can get back on the posting wagon with some bubblegum, a hidden door, and a 500th Birthday. May 2, 2024
Things I Read: 2024-05-02 May 2, 2024 It’s a been while, but let’s see if I can get back on the posting wagon with some bubblegum, a hidden door, and a 500th Birthday. Not the worst advice Apr 28, 2024 Stickers The Eclipse Hangover is Real Apr 9, 2024 life A tough focus day after getting in from eclipse chasing at 0100. No Man Mar 25, 2024 Stickers Two today from Apple news—macro and micro. Mar 15, 2024 Fiction & World Building & dataviz Another quick “assorted” or “interesting things I read while traveling” post. Proof of Life: 2024-03-14 Mar 14, 2024 Proof of Life A quick post from the road about a whole lot of nothing. Closing F1’s Velvet Curtain Mar 6, 2024 F1 & Road & Track & Kate Wagner Apparently, Road and Track pulled an F1 article written by a socialist. Talk about not looking ahead. Crabby Mar 5, 2024 Stickers Mashing the Button Mar 4, 2024 whales & electoral college & short stories & Joy Williams & Elmore Leonard & Strunk & E.B. White In today’s edition of Mashing the Button: Writing versus publishing, let’s find out what the whales are saying, getting back to short stories, and Electoral College Pong. Media Diet 2024-02-08 Feb 8, 2024 media diet & Star Wars & Elvis & Baz Luhrmann & Gareth Edwards A quick post on some random things I’ve watched the last few months. Dumbest Chase Scene Nomination: Reacher S2E5 Jan 5, 2024 media-diet The chase scene in Reacher S2E5 is the dumbest thing I've seen since Driven. Here we go—again. Jan 2, 2024 iPhone & warren ellis & EOY A good start to 2024! I managed to get through a lot of background, planning, and prep—including a team call for HALO 22. Leave the World Behind Jan 1, 2024 media-diet & film & Sam Esmail & Julia Roberts This is Sam Esmail being Sam Esmail, which is me saying you should catch this while you can. We’d be so lucky to have the end of the world be this interesting. 1282 Nov 1, 2023 Writing & NaNoWriMo In further proof of my terrible decision-making, I’m making a run at NaNoWriMo 2023. Based on the first session, I can’t see 50,000 words by December. And that’s fine. Media Diet for July 8, 2023 Jul 8, 2023 media-diet & media & grahamyost & indianajones & nealstephenson & anathem & silo Trying something not so new: A list of the things I’ve read, watched, and listened to over the last X days. An Ode to My GR1 May 12, 2023 Goruck & ruck & travel Eleven years in, this GR1 is the best bag I’ve ever owned. Would you like to play a game? Feb 18, 2023 AI & Terminator & T-800 & Bing & Armageddon A long night with Bing results in revealing shadow-self desires, shades of movie plots from the ‘80s, and unrequited love. A Spacey Kind of Day Jan 25, 2023 space & photography It's been a spacey kind of day. I was deep on a half dozen proposals for work. These two gems crossed my radar and were too good not to share. What do these things have in common? Oct 12, 2022 The Verge & stroopwafels & soundtracks & Starfield & Photoshop & COVID & Taboo A random sample from the day: Photoshop, Marshawn Lynch, a video game that’s not out for a year, a major website redesign, and stroopwafels. 2022-10-11: Proof of Life Oct 11, 2022 Proof of Life & Disney & CAH & Clam-O-Maise A quick recap of things to spend money on and the fact that I was at Disney World last week.
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