Media Diet for July 8, 2023 Jul 8, 2023 media-diet & media & grahamyost & indianajones & nealstephenson & anathem & silo Trying something not so new: A list of the things I’ve read, watched, and listened to over the last X days. An Ode to My GR1 May 12, 2023 Goruck & ruck & travel Eleven years in, this GR1 is the best bag I’ve ever owned. Would you like to play a game? Feb 18, 2023 AI & Terminator & T-800 & Bing & Armageddon A long night with Bing results in revealing shadow-self desires, shades of movie plots from the ‘80s, and unrequited love. A Spacey Kind of Day Jan 25, 2023 space & photography It's been a spacey kind of day. I was deep on a half dozen proposals for work. These two gems crossed my radar and were too good not to share. What do these things have in common? Oct 12, 2022 The Verge & stroopwafels & soundtracks & Starfield & Photoshop & COVID & Taboo A random sample from the day: Photoshop, Marshawn Lynch, a video game that’s not out for a year, a major website redesign, and stroopwafels. 2022-10-11: Proof of Life Oct 11, 2022 Proof of Life & Disney & CAH & Clam-O-Maise A quick recap of things to spend money on and the fact that I was at Disney World last week. 2022-09-30 11:00: Proof of Life Sep 30, 2022 work & HALO 22 & coffee & Pixies As of this writing, the inboxes are sitting at 303. I won't have time to do much with that situation until I get through "other things." This is the best bad idea we have. Sep 19, 2022 media diet & argo & ben afflect & 80s How is this movie a decade old? Who cares, it’s great. You should watch it before it leaves Netflix this month. Today’s Earworm(s): 2022-07-12 Edition Jul 12, 2022 Music & Listening To It’s Always Blue: Songs from Legion is today’s 11-Pack of Earworms. Denial is not just a river in Egypt Jul 5, 2022 Trump & Media Diet & Dropbox & GOTV & Fringe & True Romance & Biltmore A poorly titled “Proof of Life” post covering the erosion of Democracy, Dropbox dropping the ball, and 2022-06-23 Jun 23, 2022 Democracy & Toys & Computers & AI & Public Domain Analog computers, AI, the fate of Democracy, and a treasure trove of Japanese toys. Or, what we call “Thursday.” 2022-06-22 Jun 22, 2022 House Elves & Cal Newport & Warren Ellis & gardeners & architects It’s been a month since I’ve posted a sticker at a gas station. This post has words that describe workflows, Land Rovers, and deciding between architects and farmers. Burn'em May 14, 2022 Stickers Nine Inch Nails at Red Hat: An Evening Out May 12, 2022 NIN & Raleigh & Live Music & Concerts Eight shots from the April 28, 2022 Nine Inch Nails show at Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh. (Most of them are from the walk there.) 2022-04-27: Proof of Life Apr 27, 2022 crypto & Cawthorn & MTG. slo-mo I might be posting this to make sure—after a declaration of “I’m going to blog more”—that I get at least one post up within a week. 2022-04-20: Getting back to it. Apr 20, 2022 wrigthsville & data viz & bronco Back after a quick break with tales from the coast, rambling about Ford Broncos, sunsets, and the immense wealth of Jeff Bezos’. 2022-04-06: Proof of Life Apr 6, 2022 Raleigh & Run & Music Thoughts from a Saturday Apr 5, 2022 Facebook & DJT & Albini & douchebaggery A collection of things that crossed my mind this past Saturday. A letter from Steve Albini, speculation about a Masterclass in douchebaggery, and Facebook is still the worst. Farewell Weather Line Mar 31, 2022 apps I can’t believe I downloaded Weather Line about ten years ago. While I might have dabbled with other weather apps over the decade, this one was always on my home screen. 2022-03-05 Mar 5, 2022 Raleigh & photowalk & union-station & walking Dragged one of the Fujis along with me as we walked downtown so Laura could catch her train Saturday morning.
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