Beautiful day to go for a ride.

NY Times continues to produce great data visualizations with compelling narratives.…

Ad Account Disabled:…

A Couple of Nights in Durham…

A Quick Forest Walk (from a couple of weeks ago).…

MicroBlogger: This looks like it could be handy.


Rope Course Giant

Second dose done.

If you’d like evidence that Zuck doesn’t need to build “Instagram for Kids” just read the comments here:…

Curious if anyone has committed to Lightroom CC and relegated Lightroom Classic to being a filing cabinet.

Today made brighter buy running into this Banksy gem via Kottke.

Looks like I’m going to be all in on a new hobby the next few days.

Day 31: Defiance

Day 30: Privacy | I’m sure whoever or whatever is down there has plenty.

Day 29: Light

Day 28: Up | And up.

Day 27: Pompasetting | Not at all right, but I’m late. So I’m showing off this art I found a few weeks back.

Day 26: Favourite | I needed some help with this one. Turns out Laura was wearing her favorite socks today. Glad I asked.

Day 25: Code | A bit of a reach from 2006—when I ordered a MINI Cooper S. That was the first generation under BMW ownership and the marketing campaign was turned up to 11. Lots of neat stuff—including this promo kit.

Day 24: Baby | I’m the one in the hat.

Makes sense. This piece has always spoken to me.…

Day 23: Banana | Literally had no bananas or photos of. I did have this though.

This was the runner up for yesterday’s “spell” post. Also from the Kröller-Müller Museum—playing with portrait mode back in 2018.

Day 22: Spell