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All Hail the Em-Dash Dec 4, 2021 typography & design The best summary of the em-dash I’ve ever seen. I apologize to any of my friends using Windows because access to this phenomenal typographic Ranchnog Nov 29, 2021 ranch This is what you get when you complain about pumpkin spice too much. Can we all agree that this is worse? Much, much worse? Yet it’s sold out How’s that Texas geography curriculum? Nov 29, 2021 politics & Texas & COVID I can’t believe this is an actual tweet from an actual governor. No, wait. It’s Texas. Totally on brand Galapagos Islands Kit Nov 28, 2021 Galapagos & travel & photos In the spirit of “Good artists copy; great artists steal,” I’m “borrowing” from Jennifer since I’m out of ideas for the Buck Fifty and the sun’s Best Black Friday “Sale” Ever? Nov 26, 2021 marketing & CAH When Cards Against Humanity gets up to something—especially on Black Friday, it’s usually entertaining. 2021 is no exception The Buck Fifty Nov 1, 2021 What do one hundred and fifty words even look like? I’m not sure, but I’ve socially obligated myself to write that many every day this month. I’d Not quite going to work. Oct 3, 2021 After this week, the right answer was a Garam Masala Old Fashioned. Oct 2, 2021 From this morning’s quick run around the Short North. Sep 28, 2021 Everything is just a little better with coffee. Sep 25, 2021 It’s been a profoundly long day. Sep 18, 2021 Did you know that a study recently showed that. . . Sep 17, 2021 if you replaced your coffee with herbal tea, you could remove 87.6% of the remaining joy in your life When the going gets weird… Sep 10, 2021 Night shift. Sep 10, 2021 Eastbound and down. Sep 10, 2021 Back in the Haymarket Sep 3, 2021 No one rides for free. Aug 28, 2021 Where the boardwalk ends. Aug 10, 2021 Sailing Aug 9, 2021 No. Aug 9, 2021 5. You’ll do Next page