An Ode to My GR1

I can’t believe I’ve had this bag since 2012. It’s seen a lot of miles—from Europe, Lebanon, South America, and all over the United States.

It was through the Goruck Scars program once in 2016. The straps were beginning to wear through, exposing the foam. It didn’t fail me, but I figured, why wait?

Goruck returned it to me in less than two weeks with brand new straps, which I immediately set to break in.

I’m an idiot.

But only kind of.” I kept looking for a better bag.

I ended up with a 10L Bullet, which Laura uses occasionally, but it’s not her style. Then a 25L Rucker—which I don’t regret—slinging your everyday stuff around for fitness seemed like a terrible idea.

Then a 15L Bullet—the 10L always felt too small on me.

But then I thought, This was great—why not get a bigger one for longer travel?” So I picked up the GR2 in 2017 (a 40L model), and it never took for me.

Too much compartmentalization, fussy dividers, etc. Should I try the GR3? No, I shouldn’t. The last thing I need is another bag—I need to let some bags go.

But not this OG GR1—the things we’ve seen.

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