Denial is not just a river in Egypt

But like a river, it’s probably going to carve a canyon through this experiment called Democracy. Unlike a river, it’s doing it at a much higher rate.

Allison Mollenkamp, Miles Parks, and Nick McMillan have a fascinating piece from NPR on how election deniers have gone grassroots to keep stoking the flames of a stolen election fantasy.

These four election deniers travel the country to convince everyday Americans the 2020 election was stolen. It’s a claim that stokes anger and fear for the people who believe it.

Some people who attend these events have taken action based on the information they heard. That action can take the form of canvassing a neighborhood to look for voter fraud, speaking at a county commission meeting — or harassing election officials.

It’s pretty easy to tell if Trump and his cohorts are lying: Their lips are moving or their fingers are typing.

For my fellow North Carolinians

It’s easy to get distracted by Federal races, but the Supreme Court has moved this squarely into the hands of our overly gerrymandered statehouses. Jeff Jackson lays it out pretty clearly in this Tweet.

We’ve got to do more than, Get out there and vote this year.” We’ve got to mobilize and win every seat we can in both the Senate and House. Find a candidate that aligns with your concerns and volunteer to help put them into office to represent you.

Get your shit together Dropbox.

I jumped to Dropbox early on. It worked so well with InDesign and, really, anything. Open a file and it’d tickle the Dropbox server and say, Hey, you know what would be great? If I had all those linked files local so I can render a decent preview.”

And then Dropbox would do that. Quickly. Dropbox would sync anything. Before iCloud Drive was a thing, before any of Apple’s syncing was reliable, Dropbox had it covered.

This was before it got bloated in trying to be everything for everyone. A whiteboard, an esignature platform, etc.

They lost site of just doing that one thing really well. And here we are today: They couldn’t adapt to a change in macOS announced more than two years in advance.

They’ve dropped the core feature of what made them such a great service.

Scraping the Bottom

Nina’s Monologue in Fringe S5E10 is gold. Right up there with Dennis Hopper in True Romance chatting with Christopher Walken. Yes, I’ve worked my way through Fringe—it holds up pretty well. I guess this technically is now a Media Diet post.

We’re cooking more and a good kitchen knife is great, but taking care of any kitchen knife you have is better than not taking care of it.

Last weekend was a big race event for that silly thing I do in parking lots with a couple of hundred other knuckleheads. I should write up something on that.

As a reward for stumbling this far down, here are a handful of creepy statue photos from Biltmore. Blot: /deltakilosierra/2022/07/Draft/2022-07-05/_Biltmore BW Statues-2022-06–4.jpg

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