Surprised I only heard of this today. . .

The Antikythera mechanism looks fascinating.

^That’s a render of what it might have looked like from Wikipedia.

I’m parking this whole subject for a day when I can explore ancient and historical analog computers.”

Lawyer Up!

This is much worse than Terminator’s Salvation Day scenario. They’re going to litigate us to extinction. The upside is that this development takes the pressure off my Land Rover windowshopping.

Speaking of Our Demise”

Look, this is going to become a theme here: If you care about the success of this long-running experiment called democracy, you should be sure you’re registered to vote because about half the country is more interested in winning—at any cost. And they’re already hard at work for 2024.

Let’s be clear: The other side is better at this than we are—wait. I take that back. The other side is more interested in being effective than right.

And Now for Something Completely Different

These are seriously beautiful. Just browse.

I’m a big fan of yo-yos, sumo wrestlers delivering fish, and…. whatever those other things are.

Let’s make sure we all make it to Friday, okay?

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