Sharpening Knives

It’d been on my mind for a while: our go-to kitchen knives are due to be sharpened. I should do it before Thanksgiving. Even the reduced version we’re doing this year will still have a bunch of prep.

I got through the two pies and the pecans—that wasn’t bad. But before I got to the parade of vegetables, I took a moment. For the knives, and it turns out for myself as well.

It was, maybe, twenty minutes to get the stones out and sharpen the two knives. I’m not particularly good at this. The knives aren’t extraordinary—but we’ve had them for nearly twenty years now. They’re ours.

They’re familiar. That effort made the rest of the prep so much nicer. If you take care of your tools, they’ll take care of you.

Freshly sharpened knife makes short work of celery.

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