Media Diet for 19 May 2020

Trying something, see if it sticks. A running thread on the stuff I’m watching and listening to.

Midnight Special

What a great movie. Wish I’d seen it in the theater, but happy to have finally caught it this past Sunday. Reminiscent of Starman I suppose, but with its own, contemporary take. Does anyone do awkward the way Adam Driver does?


I don’t think I have any actual Trek cred. I’m a tourist. Although I think the JJ Abrams reboot is, conceptually, one of the most amazing reboots of all time. Maybe it was only possible with Star Trek, but he found a way to honor the old and reboot it all the same. We don’t have to talk about the second one though.

Back to Picard. . . what a great approach here as well. I had concerns that this was going to go one of three ways:

  1. This was a money grab from CBS. Milking a standout property for their streaming service.*
  2. Picard was tying up loose ends” a la his turn as Professor X in Logan. Don’t get me wrong Logan was amazing. But Picard didn’t need the same treatment. Not the exact same anyhow.
  3. It’d just be underwhelming in so many ways.

Happily, it’s none of the above, although, I guess No. 2 could still be a factor down the road, but it’s on a satisfying trajectory. The aging is a factor, but it’s not a crutch. I’m not sure that makes any sense to anyone but me, but I’m okay with it.


To keep the CBS All Access pass rolling, we dove into Discovery. All both seasons. Really good work here and they find a way out of the box they’d built for their plot. The whole cast works well together, but Sonequa Martin-Green is extraordinary as Michael Burnham.


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