What do these things have in common?

They’re all in this post.

Over and over and over and over and over.

Ever since I watched TabooI’ve thought that it’d be hysterical to produce a James Keziah Delaney School of Business” shirt. His repeated line, I have a use for you,” is so perfect. If you’ve not watched it, I recommend it. If Tom Hardy chewing scenery under the watchful eye of Ridley Scott checks any boxes for you, find it.

There’s a new candidate in the Fictional Business School Apparel” lineup: Marshawn Lynch.

2D is the latest and greatest.

I’m surprised and not surprised by this. Ultimately, I (we) haven’t used Photoshop’s 3D stuff regularly at work in years. Okay, that is not entirely true, but certainly not recently. It’s just not our thing.

But it struck me as odd that Adobe, of all companies, would punt a seemingly prominent feature set entirely out of a major app of their Creative Suite. I wish I had time to get deeper into the how and why of this move.

What a time to be alive?

Soundtracks Matter

I’ve not played much stuff from Bethesda, but Starfield is on my radar in a big way. A great soundtrack only helps their cause.

Covid finally found us back in August.

This is a cheery read about medium COVID from The Atlantic.

I’m still not 100%, but I’m also an idiot and haven’t taken the time I should have.

The bottom line is, still try to avoid getting this thing. It’s out there. It sucks. The degree of suck is variable. But why take a chance? When in doubt, put a mask on.

On The Verge

Thanks to catching up on podcasts, I heard a great rundown of The Verge’s new redesign. If you hit that link, jump to 2:36:38 for the part I’m talking about. (Okay, it’s from last month, I said I was catching up.)

If you don’t want to listen to 37-odd minutes of two guys talking about the website, here’s a write-up on the redesign from Nilay Patel.

Stroopwafels and Halide’s Macro Mode are the best.

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