Since Notes was introduced, I’ve used one password for locked notes. After Catalina/iOS 13, attempting to lock a Note, using the same password as ever before, gets me “That’s not the correct password.”

Anyone else get Notes weirdness in our Brave New Catalina world?

Apple Notes password change screen from macOS Catalina.

It was a long trip for this one.

That’s 20 installs. Enough Deezer for a lifetime. I think the answer is to uninstall IQ. @garmin #myfirstfenix

Water, water everywhere…


Halloween Selfie

How you doin?

Merry Christmas!

Going to rent Capt. Marvel this weekend.

Running dangerously low. Need to get to #cupajoeraleigh

Capital Club View

From this morning’s commute.

Twice in one month?

That’s got to be the end.


When dinosaurs roamed.

Good to get this one out to play.

Guess we don’t need to move to Oregon now.

I’m confident my spirit animal is in here.…

One hatch to rule them all.

It’s like Lincoln showed up on my doorstep.

Monday was a fog.

… there it is.